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The stats don’t lie!

Finish sign
Finish line!

It’s week 9 and I am glad to write that the deadline has passed, despite the lack of collaboration, we submitted our document on time. Delivering a completed project on schedule may not always happen, especially when working on an international project. Factors such as time difference, cultural differences and communication issues can affect a project schedule.

I must say that we made the correct decision when choosing Slack as a collaboration tool for this project. Despite it being free software, it’s functionality met our requirements and was sufficient for use in this project. It also enabled us to exchange documents between each other, thus helping keep track of when documents were exchanged. This was helpful with keeping record of document revision.

I learned a valuable lesson about document revision control during this project. After we had amended the English version of document, our French translators were confused about which document version required translation. By viewing message history and documents exchanged in Slack, it was easy to establish the correct document thus saved our French project members having to redo their work.

Another feature I like about Slack is the weekly summary reports that it provides. These reports contain details such as:

  • number of messages sent
  • number of attachments exchanged
Slack weekly statistic summary
Spike in statistics!

It was interesting to see how an approaching deadline caused a significant increase in statistics!.

Disappointingly, there wasn’t an exchange of goodbyes upon completion of the project. After “working” with these people for a number of weeks, I thought someone may suggest connecting on LinkedIn, but that did not happen.

In spite of being a 100% online student myself, I did manage to build up a good working relationship with Fionnuala. Not only did we exchange queries about the virtual team assignment but also discussed our frustrations and delight about finally submitting our completed document!