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The more the merrier!


I am glad to report this week has been the most productive so far. With our Université Paris Diderot translators due to return to college next Monday, our priority this week was to have a draft ready for them upon their return.

An important lesson learned this week was that some people will not be proactive when working on a project. They may even be reluctant to assume any form of responsibility on their part when working as part of a group project. As a result, the workload must be given to other project members who already completed their given responsibilities.


A project manager must be diplomatic when distributing these additional tasks to other project members who are already actively engaged in the project. It is important not to inundate project members who are already cooperative.


Within Team 8, both Fionnuala and I seemed to be the only project members keen to begin a draft of the instructions. As there was little activity on Slack I decided to email all team members. Jenny replied stating she couldn’t find an invitation to join our Slack site in her university email account. As a result, I also sent the invitation to her Gmail account. This incident reinforces the importance of gathering the correct contact details of all project members at the start of a project. This glitch meant that we were without Jenny’s services until this week, hence it impacted our schedule.

Upon completion of the second draft of my instructions, one U.S. project member, Andrew, offered to create graphics for my document. Katie also offered to create the graphics for Fionnuala’s document.


By the end of this week, all project members had finally joined our group in Slack. Andrew also offered to take on Katie’s responsibilities, should she not be able to complete her tasks. Project members were now offering advice to each other and willing to take responsibility for project tasks.

I look forward to next week when our French project members return and we have a team full of collaborators!.