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Reinventing the wheel!

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It’s Week 8 (March 15th), less than five days to go to submission. I didn’t expect to spend two hours last night creating a completely new document so close to the deadline. You may ask “Why did I do that?”, after all, this is a collaboration project!

I was frustrated. I simply felt that standards acceptable to some U.S. members would not be sufficient for submission.

Could their reasons be:

  • They do not like working in a virtual team.
  • This assignment may only be worth a small percentage hence they feel it is not worth the effort.
  • This is their first semester studying technical writing.

Considering the above statements, was it my responsibility to take the following actions:

  • Follow my gut feeling and create the document (English version) by myself. Have a backup document in case there is a lack of effort on the part of other team members.
  • Acknowledge that the assignment is only worth a small percentage and prioritise my other assignments.
  • In the introduction stages and through “small talk” throughout the project determine the strengths and weaknesses of all project members.

I had expected “lost in translation” difficulties when communicating with our French project members, however, I have been pleasantly surprised. Their English vocabulary is excellent and they can easily understand the content that is “casually” written in Slack. I understand that this may not always be the situation when working on international teams. You may have to carefully structure your sentences and choice of vocabulary used.

Another valuable lesson learned while completing this assignment!