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Nearly there!

Near mountain top
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It’s the end of week 9 and the end of the semester is fast approaching. I have mixed emotions about completing this semester. Occasionally during this postgraduate course, I couldn’t wait to submit a report or assignment, whether it was up to the expected standard or not. I simply wanted to be finished with it. There is always a sense of relief when you receive the “Assignment submission” email from Sulis. I will miss the challenges that this course brought but it will be nice to return to “normal” family life.

I graduated from UL in 1999, anxiously returning fifteen years later to begin my postgraduate studies. Initially I didn’t know what to expect or whether I would be able to begin academic life again. I now know this has been the correct choice and one I am very proud of.

I am currently juggling five different tasks:

  • My weekly blog entry
  • Regularly updating my Twitter feed
  • Creating an ePortfolio
  • Preparing content for my podcast
  • My project proposal report

I enjoyed writing blog entries each week, however, all of my blog entries discussed my experiences throughout the virtual team assignment. In hindsight, I should have written other entries discussing this M.A., such as frustrations encountered and any positive experiences.

The Twitter assignment is an interesting one. Twitter is a social media platform I have avoided on purpose up until this semester. Honestly, it never appealed to me. I now understand the merits of it as a useful resource when researching the latest trends in your field.

The ePortfolio assignment is enjoyable and I will keep it updated after I complete this semester. The only difficulty with this assignment is having to brag about your best qualities. This is something that does not come natural to me or to many people I would imagine. I do see the merits of it, however, and the importance of selling yourself in the digital world.

My podcast script is still in its infancy. I chose my topic last week and plan to discuss my favourite sport and hobby…soccer. I look forward to creating this podcast and using Audacity again.

Finally, I am proofreading my project proposal report. At this stage, it feels like I have been writing this report forever. My meeting with my participants last week was fruitful and my report is almost ready for submission. Neither grammar nor vocabulary were ever a strong point of mine. Throughout this M.A., my biggest struggle was with report writing and it always took second place to any development assignments. Any aspect of the course that I found difficult, however, was always accepted as a challenge. I am now looking forward to the biggest challenge of my academic life during the Summer.