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A happy ending.

Celebrate with champagne popping
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Our grade for the Virtual Team assignment was returned today and I am pleased that I received favorable feedback. I was fortunate to be paired with my classmate Fionnuala, who was both proactive and contributed significantly to the assignment. Despite some team members contributing very little to the assignment, we created a usable final document and developed excellent working relationships within the team. I think this assignment helped develop my social and interpersonal skills, emphasising their importance when working on an international team. In my opinion, it was an excellent learning experience for participants. It helped prepare students for international collaboration in the real-world.

It is difficult to believe that the semester is nearly over. Assignments and reports are slowly being submitted one-by-one. This semester’s assignments are enjoyable and encourage students to demonstrate their creativity by creating an e-Portfolio and podcast. I realised the importance of good project management skills, not only during the Virtual Team assignment but also by managing my other assignments simultaneously.

This blog assignment provided new sources of information which will prove useful when developing my Summer project. Part of this blog assignment specified creating a blog roll whereby I would link to other relevant blogs. My blogroll now contains links to numerous eLearning and design experts who share their knowledge freely, thus will be a helpful resource for me. I also tweeted these blog links to my Twitter followers for my EL6052 assignment, so hopefully they will also benefit from these blogs.

In hindsight, I should have created a blog when I first began this M.A., as it would prove beneficial to keep relevant links in one place. Creating a blog for my development project may be beneficial. It could act as a useful resource when writing my dissertation, highlighting any difficulties I encountered during development. It would also be nostalgic reading in a few years time!


Two heads are better than one!

Two teachers are better than one
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It’s the end of week seven and we have one week to the submission deadline. Since the beginning of the semester, I have been keen to complete this assignment well in advance of the deadline. As it is difficult to know what workload other modules may bring, I feel it is important to get as much preparation completed in the early stages.

I have found this semester to be quite challenging due to a learning curve of using technologies such as Twitter, Weebly and WordPress, while also preparing a research proposal for a development project. Although Weebly and WordPress are relatively easy platforms to use, it does take time to familiarize yourself with the more advanced features of each. Due to work and family commitments, I do not get the opportunity to spend as much time exploring the potential of these social media platforms. Unscheduled collaboration time with your virtual team mates also impacts on this time.

A major failure of this project team has been our failure to agree or schedule a time each week whereby all project members would be online. This resulted in frustration for some team members and significantly affected project progress.

Having checked online numerous times over the last few days, I was patiently waiting for the final version of the translated document.  Finally, our translator Li, posted his translated document and offered to obtain screenshots from the French version of Facebook. I appreciated his offer of help, as I had not thought of requiring different screenshots for each language. I think this highlights how valuable a proactive team member is to a project. They can offer input or suggest requirements that a project manager may not have thought of.

I am hoping that all project members will be proactive in the final week, combining to produce a professional looking user guide.