Reactive or Proactive?

Proactive And Reactive Keys Showing Initiative And Improvement

It’s Week 6 and our French team members are in control of the document. Time to sit back and relax?…..unfortunately not!Rather than wait for an update from our translators, it was time to be proactive.

I contacted the U.S. students in an attempt to improve communication among the team. I again asked project members if they would consider using a WhatsApp group. I think real-time communication is more effective as it may act as a reminder for project members. For example, if I text the group informing them I am online it may action them to join me. Email, however, is a passive technology as people only check email occasionally. However, I didn’t want to make people feel obliged to exchange mobile numbers, as it may not be customary to do so in their country. Doing so may have a negative impact on the project.

I also posted online, asking the group how they felt we were progressing and did they feel that there were any tasks we needed to work on. I feel it’s important to encourage others and be positive for contributions already made. This can entice them to contribute further to the project or in an ideal world, assume responsibility for the project!. Not with this project unfortunately.

As I posted online, Andrew replied immediately. I sensed some “small talk” might give me the opportunity to lead to my next big question…where are the graphics you promised last week?! This assignment has taught me the importance of carefully considering choice of vocabulary before posting online. Communication is bad enough already, I cannot imagine what it would be like if someone took offence to any of my posts!


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