According to Newton’s first law of motion, “an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by a force.” That law could also apply to our assignment. At the beginning of this week our collaboration tool, “Slack”, certainly lived up to it’s name as there wasn’t any contribution from either the French or U.S. students!.

Finally, there was contact from another U.S. student and also from the second French student….albeit brief introductions.


It has been  a very frustrating week due to the lack of communication from the other parties, thus stalling our assignment. In spite of emails, posting in Sulis and on Slack, it seemed that both Fionnuala and I were going to be the only contributors to this assignment. A lesson I learned this week is that without having your full project team on board, decisions cannot be made and responsibilities cannot be assigned. It highlights some frustrations that may be experienced if working as part of an international team.

Although a project manager hasn’t been agreed upon, both Fionnuala and I are sharing the responsibility. In order to lead by example (and hopefully entice the others to take part), I created a Facebook account and documented the steps involved. I also added details of the various privacy settings options available. Once completed, I uploaded the draft document to our Slack site for all teammates to access.


According to Logware, “you must strike while the iron is hot and keep striking”. On Friday, Fionnuala detailed the tasks involved for our project. As we discussed this on Slack, Andrew (U.S.) joined in the conversation. Initially his responses were minimal, however, by the end of the conversation he agreed to contact the other U.S. members and took responsibility for sourcing graphics. As the French students begin their week long break today, I suggested that we have draft documents available to them when they return on February 20th.  As we now knew our responsibilities for the forthcoming week, we signed off to begin our tasks.

In spite of the many collaboration tools available for use by international project teams, each project participant must be willing to partake, communicate regularly and perform their role in order for any project to gather momentum.


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